Ruben Espinal

Area in which the actions related to monetary flow operations are managed. It is responsible for implementing and operating the policies, rules, systems and control procedures necessary to safeguard the financial resources of the entity, promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of management control, and responding with timely and competent requests for payment of different commitments. contracted by the entity in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Budget, Accounting and Public Expenditure Law and its Regulations, taking care that the documentation supporting the expenditures complies with the fiscal and internal control requirements.

Conoce el equipo

Ruben Espinal

Municipal Treasurer

Claudia Pineda

Treasurer Assistant

Marlon Menocal

Responsible for Fiscal Species and Checks

Alejandra Chavez

Data Transcriber


Ingrid Alcantara


Sonia Muñoz


Xavier Gutierrez


Johni Carranza


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