Tax Control

Altagracia Abreu

It is the department responsible for executing the municipal tax administration, planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and supervising the activities of the sections under its charge that are concentrated in the collection of income and that are in charge of assisting taxpayers, registering them., billing, collection and fiscal audit.

Meet the team

Altagracia Abreu.jpg

Altagracia Abreu

Tax Control Manager

Ingrid Oneyda Aguilera.jpg

Ingrid Oneyda Aguilera

Tax Control Assistan

Hector Arita.jpg

Hector Arita

Billing Supervisor

Carlos Alberto Flores.jpg

Carlos Alberto Flores

Data Transcriber

Maira Rebeca Ulloa.jpg

Maira Rebeca Ulloa

File Manager

Antonio Giron Castellanos.jpg

Antonio Giron Castellanos

Dispatcher of Notices

Waldina Espinoza.jpg

Waldina Espinoza


Ricardo Flores.jpg

Ricardo Flores

Business Inspector

Bayron Perez.jpg

Bayron Perez

Tax Control Billing

Norman Flores.jpg

Norman Flores

Tax Control Billing


Julieth Ramirez

Tax Control Billing