Wilfredo Romero

The Accounting Department is responsible for implementing and operating the policies, standards, systems and procedures to ensure accuracy and security in the capture and recording of financial, budgetary and achievement of the entity's goals, an effect of the information. that contributes to decision-making, to promote the efficiency and efficiency of management control, to the evaluation of activities and facilities for the control of operations, taking care of said accounting is done with original supporting documents and justifications, and monitoring the due observance of applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Meet the team

Wilfredo Romero.jpg

Wilfredo Romero

Accounting Manager

Alejandra Gutierrez.jpg

Alejandra Gutierrez

Accounting Assistant

Teresa Fajardo.jpg

Teresa Fajardo

Cost Accountant

Nolvia Rodriguez.jpg

Nolvia Rodriguez

Accountant Assistant 1


Jairo Umaña

Income Counter