Purchases & Supplies

Flaminio Fuentes

The management of the purchasing department ensures that all goods, services and inventory necessary for the operation of the business are ordered and are on time in the warehouses of any company; It is also responsible for controlling the cost of the goods purchased, the inventory levels and must be able to develop a good negotiation with suppliers.

Meet the team

Flaminio Square.jpg

Flaminio Fuentes

Purchases & Supplies Manager

Johana Canales.jpg

Johana Canales

Purchases & Supplies Assistant

Karla Rivera.jpg

Karla Rivera

Purchases & Supplies Secretary

Jose Carlos Hernandez.jpg

Jose Carlos Hernandez

Warehouse Dispatcher

Manuel Fernandez.jpg

Manuel Fernandez

Warehouse Manager

Rafael Cruz.jpg

Rafael Cruz

Cardex Manager

Jose Francisco Aquino.jpg

Jose Francisco Aquino


Alexis Mayen.jpg

Alexis Mayen